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Do you know that feeling you get when you travel to a beautiful and new, far-away destination? That heightened sense of excitement as you experience something different? That exact feeling is our favourite aspect of our career as travel bloggers. 


Moreover, we enjoy learning about other people and cultures as we relax and rediscover over and over again our passion for travel. With a deep love for many different sectors, we have earned a bachelor’s degree in business and management and have taken numerous courses in writing, image consulting, communication, fashion design, and personal development through theatre.


During our educational endeavours, we became fascinated by the writing process and dove headfirst into the realm of writing by launching our travel blog, esmiblog. With this online account of our fascinating travels, we aim to connect with worldwide audiences and build a community of like-minded individuals who also daydream of exploring far-off cities, islands, and countries. 


From impactful travel advice and insights to first-hand accounts of visiting both trending and secluded locations, our goal is to make esmiblog a one-stop shop for travellers. Enjoy descriptive articles about dream vacation hubs and comprehensive guides to travelling.  We understand the anxiety that sometimes comes with travel; as such, we provide clear descriptions of our experiences. 


Come prepared for your next trip by checking out our articles regarding packing guides, restaurant recommendations, and how to navigate customs and cultures across the world! When we are not on a plane, jet-setting to a distant location, we enjoy relaxing by reading a good book or trying out new dishes and cocktails at local restaurants. 


We can also often be found heading outdoors to hike and explore while taking pictures of nature’s beauty surrounding our homes. Even when we are not travelling, we are consistently researching for our next trip and staying updated on the latest finds within the travel sector. After all, it is our ultimate goal to eventually travel to every continent and explore each country the world has to offer. 


For more information about us and our approach to travel, feel free to reach out at any time. We greatly enjoy connecting with our readers and bonding over a mutual love for travel!

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